Istana TCM Academy

Maju HealthCare’s TCM department has upgraded Istana Ayur as an Istana TCM Academy and not just performing like any other ayurvedic wellness centre. Throughout the world, the popularity of traditional medicine has created a huge awareness about the benefits of it which also increases job opportunities in this field around the world. At present, there is an acute shortage of qualified therapists in Malaysia to serve in Ayurvedic treatment centers.

In Malaysia, many private Ayurvedic treatment centers are successfully in operation but are still dependent on India to provide Ayurvedic therapists. This creates a delay in supplying the expertise to meet the growing demand. Along with this perception, our skills are up to par to train our community to become Ayurvedic therapists.

“The mission of Istana TCM Academy is to unlock healing potential through applied knowledge, best practices and an innovative mindset.

Istana TCM academic courses are interpreted for modern life application including herbal medicines, nutrition, lifestyle, massage therapies, panchakarma, meditation and consultation. The courses will expose the participants to both theoretical and practical experiences to heal diseases. Exclusively the hands-on master training in massage steps will mould them into a professional therapist.